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The Making of Champions

This was a note we received back in 2018 and it is one of my personal favorites. It was in this letter that I realized TruthFC was in the “making champions” business, not just gear giving. I hope you enjoy this sweet note from Cassie Jones.


My name is Cassie Jones and I co-led the CCU2THEWORLD mission trip to Uganda with eight other students from CCU. I returned to Rays of Grace Junior School with Hoffman Family Foundation. Last year TruthFC donated enough soccer gear for Rays of Grace to start a boys soccer team, and over the past year the Director of the school, along with the coaches and of course the boys and their dedication, have been able to rise to new heights. The school has started their own Football Academy and the team has won five national tournaments in the last year. The coaches and the boys are extremely dedicated and are so incredibly grateful for the jerseys, shorts, shin guards, shoes and balls that have been donated and have allowed them to not only start their team, but have also allowed them to enter into national tournaments.

The boys train every day for at least three hours, but this sport is their passion. They have three coaches- two of which played professionally in Africa and now own and run a very successful soccer academy in Uganda. The coaches are extremely talented, but also the most caring, loving, devoted, dedicated, and inspiring coaches I have ever met. Not only do they want to shape the boys into stellar soccer players, they also stress the importance of leadership, confidence, and playing for Jesus. They are amazing role models for the boys, most of whom come from broken homes and families.

While we were in country the CCU team and I were able to watch the boys play in the Uganda National Tournament against teams that were far older than them! Not only did they win the entire tournament, four of the boys were chosen to play for and represent Uganda and travel to Kenya to play in another national tournament.

The gear that you have provided has given over 25 boys the ability to be part of a team and play a sport that they love. It has given them the ability to go after their dreams and inspired them to work hard in school, sports, and relationships. It has given them an opportunity to better their community and their families, but it has also inspired the entire school of Rays of Grace as they are the boys’ greatest supporters!

Thank you on behalf of CCU and the Hoffman Family Foundation for donating gear and giving these kids the opportunity to live and go after their dreams- we are so incredibly grateful!

Thank you,

Cassie Jones

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