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Meet our New Board Chairman!

Dear TruthFC Friends, Followers, and Donors, I'm very excited to have been elected by the TFC Board of Directors to be the next Chairman of the Board. I have been serving on the TFC Board since 2019, have participated in soccer gear collections and donations for the last several years, and am a long term supporter of Jayla, our Executive Director's vision and mission. In my short time on the Board and with the opportunity opening up, I spent a good amount of time thinking and listening to the calling to use my skills and experience for the Chairman Position. I'm looking forward to continuing TFC's vision, mission, and strategic goals for the next few years. While I begin my Chairman position in the midst of a pandemic and world crisis, my heart hurts knowing how you, our friends and family, and our partners around the world have been impacted and I send you my prayers, sympathy and thoughts for hope. At TFC, we understand the pain that COVID-19 has caused for so many. We have experienced our own pains through the many trip cancellations that are taking place and our partners who are uncertain of what lies ahead for their ministries. While there is much pain going on in the world right now, I have hope. Not only do I have hope, but I am excited for the future because it is full of brightness. As we look to our own future, all of us at TFC are excited and full of joy to work towards accomplishing the following goals: Deepening relationships with our international partners, including to expand our impact to more countries Developing local and national programing that may include pop up shops for kids who can't afford soccer gear, and providing grants and/or scholarships for kids to play club soccer Solidifying a secondary collection and distribution location in Georgia, which will create efficiencies and provide a bigger footprint to provide more kids with hope, support, and the opportunity to build confidence through soccer, both nationally and internationally Strengthening opportunities for you, our fans, supporters, and friends, to be more involved, including collection drives, volunteer events to prepare, pack and send out gear, and creative ways to support our fundraising goals We have big goals and you have big hearts; that's a perfect combination for TruthFC to help more kids in our communities through the game we love, soccer. Today, I ask you to first, pray for us that we continue to be true to our mission and our goals. Secondly, please join, follow, and sign up with TFC on our Facebook page, Instagram profile, and to receive our monthly newsletter. Third, if you are able, I ask for a cup of coffee to be sent to TruthFC every week of the year. Well, not an actual cup, but what you would spend on a cup of coffee a week as a donation ($3-$5). This amount is enough to ship 125lbs of gear or purchase 48 soccer balls for kids who can't afford or access them. Your donation will provide TruthFC the opportunity to continue to impact many kids around the world including those in our own neighborhoods by putting smiles on their faces and the joy to play the game. This will be invaluable to so many once the Stay-At-Home orders have been lifted! The youth and young adults receiving equipment from TFC gain a hope and confidence that inspires communities, instilling pride and strength. That is what your $5 a week does. Isn’t that amazing? Visit our donation page and make a difference, create a smile, and build hope. May you all be blessed in your pursuit of love, peace and happiness. Best wishes, Jon Drogheo Chairman of the Board, TruthFC 1 Corinthians 13:1-7

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