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A Little Georgia Miracle

Sometimes the impact that TruthFC has across the globe is just as impactful in the USA….

A few years ago, I found myself in the beautiful southern state of Georgia. Little did I know that God was about to perform a miracle. During my trip, I was meeting Doug Burr for the first time, who later became a part of TruthFC’s Board of Directors. Doug and his family invited my mom and I to come down to Georgia so I would have the opportunity to share with him and his church home TFC’s impact and my vision for TFC.

This was a super exciting trip for me as it was my first “business trip” with TruthFC and it was to a state that continues to hold a special place in my heart. While I was visiting with the Burr family, a cousin of mine who lived in the area reached out to me about putting together some soccer equipment for his best friend, Elrod, who is a missionary in Vietnam. Elrod is a special man who served during the Vietnam War and fell in love with the country. He now continues to spend months there every year serving the local community and sharing the love of Christ with everyone he meets.

After hearing about the work Elrod was doing and that he was leaving Atlanta in a few short days to return to Vietnam, I knew I had to help him. I asked the Burr family what we all could do for him. They kindly put out an announcement on their neighborhood watch and we sat back and waited. While we didn’t know if anyone would donate in such a short time frame, deep down I knew the Lord would provide. Then over the course of the next two days, soccer equipment slowly began to appear at their doorstep. A soccer ball here and a pair of cleats there and then a duffle bag…. Gear slowly started to come in and before we knew the perfect amount of gear arrived on their doorstep.

As we went through the donated gear, we found that, quite literally, there was the perfect amount of gear. We had everything from a duffle bag to pack the gear in to a few extra dollars that we used to purchase a ball pump with extra needles. Not only that, but all of the gear donated fit perfectly into the bag and filled it to the brim. The bag was neither half empty or overweight, it was simply perfect and came to be known as TFC’s Little Georgia Miracle. Once all the gear was cleaned and packed up, my mom, my cousin, Doug, and I headed to lunch with Elrod. During lunch, Elrod shared with us stories from his time in Vietnam and it inspired us all.

After lunch, we gifted Elrod with a big black duffle bag full of soccer equipment. The look on his face was priceless. We were all so happy that we chose to believe that God would provide the gear needed to impact youth in Vietnam. We chose to have faith and the Lord showed up (of course!), and witnessing this little miracle turned into a life changing experience. Not only that, but this little miracle was the start of our Georgia hub. As we move into finalizing the last details of the Georgia hub, it warms my heart to know that it all started because of this story, because one family decided to have faith in their neighborhood watch.

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