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A Day in The Life

Have you ever wondered what goes on during a day in the life of the Executive Director, Jayla Elstad (Me!)? Let’s just say that it’s a bit crazy. Why? Because I’m doing a job that usually takes way more than one person to do.

Around 9:00 a.m. I begin work. I start with responding to emails and messages. Once I’m done, I move on to working on social media. Some days I will create and schedule posts and other days I’ll respond to comments and post stories on TFC’s feed. Once all of the communication aspects are complete, I move on to gear collection and distribution.

During this time, I market to potential donors through emails or phone calls requesting gear. Most often I reach out to local high schools and soccer clubs. I also begin scheduling out gear collection dates and setting up times to work on inventory and cleaning. If there’s a trip coming up, I’ll use this time to begin packing. I’ll head out to the garage or shed to pull items together and depending on the weather I’ll either pack up the bags outside or in the kitchen or in the garage with a portable heater. Additionally, during this time I may go pick up donated items from local high schools, soccer clubs, and families.

When all of the gear collection and distribution activities are complete, I’ll go back through and check for emails and messages. By this time it’s usually near mid-afternoon which is time set aside for networking and meetings. I meet with a number of different people working on ways to educate myself, grow TruthFC, gain potential donors and partners, and ultimately build TruthFC’s network of connections. These meetings happen in a number of different places all over the state of Colorado, so there can be a bit of driving involved.

At the end of my day I will work on miscellaneous tasks that include:

Working on the newsletter, editing the website, working with TFC’s photo editor, creating marketing materials, working on finances, looking up articles for Soccer Saturdays, responding to more emails and messages, brainstorming marketing ideas, writing policies and procedure documents, talking with the Board of Directors, writing blog posts, preparing Board Meeting Agendas, fundraising, more marketing, working with local sports programs, meeting with my mentor, writing thank you letters, scheduling more meetings, creating donation receipts, taking a quick break to talk to my mom, working with TFC’s bookkeeper, and any other task that comes across her desk.

By 5:00 p.m. my day should come to an end, but often you will find me still working away on a new project or task late into the night. I am completely dedicated to making TruthFC a thriving organization that changes the world through the game of soccer. I am so passionate about the mission of TruthFC, and fully dedicated to making this dream of mine a reality.

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